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4 St Ann's Crescent, Wandsworth,
London SW18 2LR


020 8870 7729


020 8870 7730

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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Complete this form if you have had a showround and would like a place at the nursery. Upon reciept of your registration, if we are able to accommodate you, we will send an offer letter via email. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee places to all applicants. If we are not able to accommodate we may be able to accommodate you on a waiting list.


Personal Details

Wee Ones Nursery is located at the bottom end of St Ann’s Crescent right by the junction with Rosehill Road. It is located on the same street as Allfarthing School.

St Ann’s Crescent runs off Allfarting Lane and is in close proximity to Garrett Lane, East Hill and Trinity Road.


There are several public transport options available.  There is a Bus Stop on East Hill which is 317m away.  There is Wandsworth Town Train Station which is 693m away. There Clapham Junction Train Station which is 1500m away but most of the buses from the East Hill stop there.

Trains from Wandworth Town take about 13 minutes to Waterloo and run every 8 minutes.
Insert a Google map which contains Wandsworth Town, bus stop on East Hill opposite Geraldine road and Clapham Junction train station and surrounding area.