Wee Ones Day Nursery

Welcome To Wee Ones

Welcome To Wee Ones

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Date Details
W/C 8th Feb Valentine’s Day!
Tues 9th Feb Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)
MARCH 2016

Date Details
DATE TBC Wee Ones Red Nose Day / Mother’s Day Parties
Thurs 17th March St Patrick’s Day celebration in Clouds, 10am
MAY 2016

Date Details
Tues 24th May Balcony to Tree Tops Montessori Evening, 7pm
JUNE 2016

Date Details
Date T.B.C. Clouds summer trip – All of Clouds are invited
Date T.B.C. Tree Tops summer trip – All of Tree Tops are invited
Tues 7th June Tree Tops to Clouds Montessori Evening, 7pm
Fri 17th June Wee Ones Fathers’ Day parties (Fathers come in for pizzas)
JULY 2016

Date Details
Fri 1st July Tree Tops Sports Day and Picnic, 11am
Fri 8th July Garden Room and Balcony picnic, 10am
Fri 8th July Clouds Sports Day and Picnic, 11am

HOLIDAYS - Please remember to keep the nursery informed with any future holidays so that we can update our registers accordingly.

At Wee One Nursery we place considerable emphasis on taking the children out and about in the local area, making use of the local facilities we have access to in Wandsworth on a weekly basis. More events to follow shortly!